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Gauntlet Games

Gauntlet Games is a game store in Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the store's owners is Lincoln City Councilman Roy Christensen. Christensen's public views are homophobic and misogynistic:

Roy Christensen

Roy Christensen's personal beliefs are not an acceptable basis for governing a tolerant and pluralistic society. They are also incompatible with the welcoming environment that creators of games seek to create. Dungeons & Dragons includes queer characters because it is committed to collaboration and working through differences. The creators of Magic: The Gathering know that fantasy can open up new worlds for anyone of any gender or race.

Games ask us to collaborate to imagine new worlds. Do we want to incorporate the oppressive structures that we see daily, including in our politicians, into our fantasies? Well, check out this fantasy:

That is an actual image shared on social media by Gauntlet Games.

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Instead of shopping at Gauntlet Games, you could:

Let's collaborate to imagine a new world. One that can include us all!