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Something like that is bound to be played by lovers of gambling in a civilized country like casino. So, to get a win, for example, for a correctly made forecast in the races, one must solve a mathematical problem. From the point of view of people who came up with this bill, this is a kind of test, since the correct answer is proof that the win was not accidental, but happened, thanks to the player's mathematical skills. If the above legislative acts can be safely called incidents, then casino are simply awful stupidity. Adopted in was created to protect professional and amateur sports. His colleague casino is better known, since he forbade to play poker via the internet. As a result, one of the largest poker rooms almost instantly covered with a copper basin casino from under which he was able to climb out very recently at the cost of a change of ownership. As for the remaining leaders in this area poker stars and absolute poker, they lost a significant part of their clientele.

The advent of online casinos has become a new impetus for gaming machines for further development. In a very short time they became more popular than such casino of the gambling world as roulette, baccarat and poker. At the same time, the producers of software now have not bypassed their attention and the order of the forgotten casino slots, which in the online casino got a new look, gaining almost the same functionality as their analogues with 5 reels. As soon as they appeared, the playing drums with 5 rotating drums made the so-called classics of the genre casino slot machines in history. This is not surprising, because in addition to the two additional elements of the novelty attracted by beautiful graphic design, cheerful sound, and most importantly - more opportunities to win. It was at 5-reel gaming machines there were various bonus games, multiplying coefficients, as well as free spins. Often, all this can be found in one slot.

Today, very many players believe that slot machines with casino have too low a probability of appearing a winning combination. This opinion is mistaken, since it refers to real mechanical machines installed in the most, that neither is a real casino. Their virtual analogs are devoid of any drives, gears and shafts. Instead, they use a random number generator programmed to issue a certain percentage of payments. Virtually in all prestigious online casino this figure for slot slots is about 95%. It is not affected by the number of reels, nor the number of active lines and symbols. In any case, the machine for a certain period of time voluntarily part with about of the collected funds. If we compare the pay tables of casino with 3 and 5 reels, then it turns out that an increase in rotating elements significantly increases the probability of a winning combination. After all, this is enough to make at least three symbols in a row or line.

The probability of this event is significantly increased, thanks to a special casino, which is available in almost every slot machine. In addition, in certain cases, the win may increase several times, which makes the casino gaming machine even more profitable than its analog with 3 reels. Playing at the maximum bet, it will be more expedient to choose a slot with 5 reels. In this case, the player will have a larger number of lines. In this case, the minimum bet on each of them is often only 1 cent. If we take into account that the probability of a winning combination at the 5-reel slot is higher than that of its casino analog, even in this case the efficiency of the bet will be much greater. However, in this case it is worth considering the fact that the winning combination may not fall out, since the random number generator decided that the time has not yet come for casino. Therefore, this tactic must be applied very carefully.

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